Ah, summer. The sweet season of vacations, late sunsets, lush green trees and heat waves.

Eating a bowl of ramen might not be your first option with summer’s high temperatures and humidity. If you want to settle for something cooler and refreshing, fear not. Ejji has several other dishes that you will definitely enjoy this summer!

Not feeling ramen on a hot summer day but still want to eat noodles? Then opt for a cold noodle bowl instead!

Chicken Teriyaki bowl

Chicken Teriyaki Bowl

Cold noodle bowls are customizable just like our regular ramen bowls. Pick your noodle, favorite toppings and sauce – the only difference is you pick a dressing instead of a broth. To make the noodles cold, we place it under cold water right after it’s cooked. As for the dressing, Chef Travis recommends the miso ginger since it’s the “most refreshing” with its slight acidic notes.

Besides cold noodle bowls, Ejji offers rice dishes! Our Chicken Teriyaki bowl features delicious summer vegetables including grilled yellow squash and zucchini. Meanwhile, our Eggplant Katsu is the perfect vegetarian dish – grilled eggplant that is breaded and deep-fried served on top of a bed of rice and with slices of cucumber.

But if you want a meatier dish, try the Curry Beef Rendang. Chef Travis views this dish as the “Malaysian take on meatloaf” with its two beef patties and oxtail over rice.

Ox heart bun

Ox heart Bun

Ejji also introduced their specialty buns this summer. Our latest bun of the week? Ox heart, shisho moho sauce, Asian pear and parmesan cheese. These buns are unique, packed with flavor and a great “to-go” option.

If you want something lighter than a noodle or rice bowl, definitely try one of these when you come in. Chef Ten is a genius and comes up with a new one each week, so watch out for the next one coming up!

You can’t enjoy a hot summer day without a cold drink in your hand. Oscar says that a “cool refreshing beer is always good during the summer.”

He also recommends the Momakawa Organic Junmai Ginjo Sake, a medium dry sake with a crisp and vibrant flavor. We also offer our seasonal mango sake – a perfect pair to your favorite summer dish.


Ejji has your back, even during 90-degree weather. There are so many new concoctions for you to try this summer, so come stop by!