Healthy Pork Belly?

Ejji Ramen is proud to use the same pork bellies as professional competition barbeque pit masters, pork bellies from Heritage Farms Cheshire Pork.

Fat is flavor. Fat concentrates the smells and flavors of food, it provides a smooth and creamy texture to each bite of pork. Because fat gives more energy than protein or carbohydrates it makes us feel full faster. This makes our brains release hormones to make us feel content after eating fat rich foods.

For 40 years, Heritage Farms Cheshire Pork has been selectively breeding pigs to result in pork which is shimmering in rich marbling with intramuscular fat. They have produced a superior quality pork fat which is rich in oleic acid, this gives the pork a firm and velvety texture.

Cheshire Pork bellies are high in oleic acid. Oleic acid lowers cholesterol, protects against heart disease, lowers blood pressure, leads to faster resolution of inflammation, and helps to improve mood.

Hogs breed by Heritage Farms are fed by hand, given special diets that do not contain animal by-products or hormones. Heritage breed hogs are raised in an environment that is designed to respect the natural instincts of the pigs along with their behaviors, giving them room to move around in and socialize with other the animals. These practices lead to hogs that are healthier and happier which makes for tastier cuts of pork.

Pork belly is the most popular cut from Heritage Farms Cheshire Pork, especially among professional chefs. Chefs enjoy the large amount of lean in the bellies and the quality of the fat from the Heritage Farms pork bellies.

Competition barbeque pit masters rely on the consistent quality of Cheshire Pork cuts in order to produce outstanding barbeque. Competitors find Cheshire pork to be moist, juicy and flavorful which leads to higher scores. This is what makes Cheshire Pork recommended by professional chefs across America.

Our pork belly is available at either one of our locations inside Belvedere Square Market, or Westfield Montgomery Mall. Enjoy it on it’s own to taste the delicious umami-filled flavors, or try adding it to your ramen, or rice bowl. View our full online menu here to see what other options we have!