Characteristics of Tonkotsu Broth

December 4, 2015


Tonkotsu means “pork bone” in Japanese, and is a Japanese regional style of broth. It is popular in Kyushu, which is in the Southern part of Japan. The pork bone is simmered or boiled for hours which helps break down the collagen, bone marrow and fat. By breaking down the pork bone, you bring out a creamy white liquid,  which is where all the flavor of the broth comes from. This is definitely not your mothers cup of chicken noodle soup!

It is a rich and creamy pork broth which is an acquired taste and can only be appreciated by those who know good traditional Tonkotsu broth. Popular toppings for Tonkotsu are pork, miso egg, scallions, black sesame seed, bamboo shoots, or corn. Regardless of the toppings, the broth is flavorful enough and can be paired with any toppings (to each his own).