What’s the deal with Kobe Beef?

What is Kobe Beef?

Kobe beef, pronounced “ko-bay” is beef that comes from a grass fed breed of Japanese cattle called “Tajima-gyu”, also known to be called “Wagyu”. There are many qualifications that must be met in order for kobe beef to be classified as 100% true kobe beef. Some of these include the cattle being raised in a certified farm in Hyōgo Perfecture, meeting a marbling ratio score of at least 6+ and a meat quality score of either A-4 or A-5 (which are top grade), and it must be processed in a certified slaughterhouse in Japan.

Kobe beef is known for its “melt in your mouth” silky texture, which is because of the high marbling in its muscles. It is also filled with unsaturated fatty acids and high levels of Omega-6. There are many stories on the reason why the beef is so delicate or techniques that past farmers might have used, there’s even an urban legend that farmers would give the cattle beer, play music and massage them!

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Don’t fall for the kobe scam!

Next time you order kobe beef from any restaurant, be sure to ask where it’s from or the name of it. There are many restaurants here in the U.S. who are using the terms incorrectly and actually selling wagyu beef instead of kobe beef. Although kobe beef is from a type of breed of wagyu (or Japanese cattle), “wagyu beef” is not kobe beef”.

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