Coconut Rice Bowls – Only at Ejji Ramen

Although it may have been our ramen that made us famous, our rice bowls are the underdogs of our menu and yet equally as tasty. Ejji has set itself apart by using coconut-simmered aromatic basmati rice as the base of each of our delicious rice bowls, instead of traditional rice options. If you’re looking to switch up your Ejji order, consider choosing from one of the three rice bowls we have on the menu, or be Ejji and build your own. Here are two yummy suggestions for your next build your own bowl.

Breakfast Rice Bowl

We’re all about having ramen for any meal of the day and our Breakfast Ramen Bowl will definitely hit the spot. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to ramen for breakfast (as if eating ramen for breakfast was limiting!). In the Asian culture, it is very common for rice to be on the menu for breakfast. Luckily, we have plenty of ingredients to make the perfect breakfast rice bowl, and here’s what we would suggest:

Coconut Basmati Rice topped with Enoki mushrooms, sweet corn, spinach, bacon crumbles and a poached egg. Try topping this bowl with our red or green sambal sauce, made in house!

Vegetarian Rice Bowl

Ejji is vegetarian and vegan friendly and a build-your-own rice bowl is the perfect way to eat a tasty meal, without disrupting your eating preferences. We have a great selection of veggies to mix and match for your ideal bowl. Here’s an example of a vegetarian build-your-own rice bowl:

Coconut Basmati Rice topped with…bean sprouts, spinach, kimchi, bamboo shoots, Enoki mushrooms, tofu (fried or fresh) and an organic miso egg. Try topping this bowl with our miso ginger dressing, made in house!

These are just two of the combinations that we know you’ll love. Next time you come into Ejji, check out the rice bowls on the menu, or feel free to create your own. Have a tasty idea for a build your own bowl? Send us your suggestions on our Facebook or Twitter page!