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Have an “Ejji” Back-to-School

Goodbye, August It’s late August, and you know what that means. Summer is almost over! Soon enough, the days will be longer, the weather chillier and the leaves orange and brown. People will be busting out their hoodies and parkas. School will be in session too. College students are returning back to their respective universities,… Read More

The Story Behind Head Cheese

Ejji has been serving up a new delicious concoction every week – steamed buns. Our latest is the “Head Cheese Bun”, which contains fried head cheese, watermelon kimchi and basil lime caesar dressing. But here’s a fun fact not many know: head cheese is actually not a kind of cheese. In fact, it’s not even a… Read More

Baltimore’s Best Ramen Goes to…

And the best ramen in Baltimore goes to…us! That’s right, we just got named by City Paper 2015 ! We couldn’t be more excited to share this news with you, in one month we will have been opened for one year at the market, and if we can be named best ramen this year, who knows… Read More

Hello world! Ejji is here

Ejji is not your traditional Japanese Ramen Bar. We like to do things our own way. And that means pushing things to the edge. We are excited to share our unique combination of Malaysian influences to Japanese comfort food in a completely customizable ramen experience. Be EJJI and create your own bowl, or be BOLD… Read More