Types of Ramen Noodles

The moment has come, it’s time to place your order at Ejji. You’ve decided you want to build your own bowl, you know exactly what broth and which toppings to get, but you’ve become stumped on which noodle you want…

At Ejji we have several types of ramen noodle choices available. From thin to thick, wavy to rice, and don’t forget our vegetable noodles. Plus, we even offer rice bowls, which can be another great substitute for the noodles. We understand this can be quite frustrating to our indecisive ramen lovers. Luckily our pre-made bowls on the menu come with default noodles.

For example:

  • Thin noodles – which are found in our Tonkotsu Porky Ramen bowl
  • Thick & wavy noodles – found in our Miso Corny Ramen bowl & Laksa Surfy Ramen bowl

All of these noodles are made from wheat flour creating that delicious chewy texture everyone loves.

For our health conscious friends, we also have gluten-free, and vegetarian options:

  • Rice noodles – made from rice flour, usually thin and much lighter than the wheat noodles.
  • Vegetable noodles – Made daily in-house, from spirals of carrots, zucchini, yellow squash and jicama
  • Coconut rice – Not so much a noodle, but another delicious option made from basmati rice

Photographed above: vegetable noodles

Love our noodles so much? Ask for extra for only $2 more, you can even mix & match!