Featured Brewery of the Month: DC Brau 

Things are about to get more interesting over at Ejji Ramen. For the month of March, Ejji Ramen is partnering with DC Brau to bring you new, exquisite beers right to our corner of Baltimore’s Belvedere Square Market. For a limited time, join us to try The Citizen, The Public, The Corruption and Penn Quarter Porter, any day with good friends and a tasty dish from Ejji’s menu.

These four distinctive beers are sure to excite any beer lover’s palate and are some of the most popular beers brewed by DC Brau brewery in Washington DC. Each beer dominates its category in flavor, and is sure to satisfy your craving for an authentic mouth-quenching experience no matter what your type is.

  • The Citizen: Inspired by stronger ales popularized by the Trappist and Abbey brewers in Belgium, this beer transitions from a spicy yeast ale to a lively explosion of smooth flavors with hints of sweet apricot, and crisp finish. Pair with Tonkotsu Ramen or Noodles with Miso Ginger Dressing.
  • The Public: This pale ale is brewed in the classic American way, and has become DC Brau’s most popular offering. This ale leads with a yeasty bitterness that is quickly backed up by notes of rich, semi-dry caramel, and hindering traits of white grapefruit and citrus. Pair with Curry Beef Rendang and Eggplant Katsu.
  • The Corruption: For those wanting to experience something different. This India Style Pale Ale smacks your tastebuds with an assertive malty backbone of bitterness followed by traces of pine sap and burnt spruce. Pair with the Mac and Cheese Ramen Dog.
  • Penn Quarter Porter: This award-winning robust porter oscillates in flavor between a porter and a stout with chocolate notes and a smooth dry, roasted finish. Pair with Chicken Satay or Curry Beef Rendang.

Head over to Ejji Ramen all month long to pair one of DC Brau’s delicious sought-after beers with your favorite dish before the month is over!