Ejji & Pixanthropy Power Up a Fundraiser for TasteWise Kids

If you ask Ejji Ramen co-owners, Oscar Lee or Ten Vong, about giving back to the community, they will tell you that they have been looking for a fun, engaging way to do that since opening their doors two years ago.

Then one surprisingly warm November day, they sat down for a brainstorming meeting with the executive director of TasteWise Kids, a local non-profit dedicated to educating children about where their food comes from, from source to plate, and the CEO of Pixanthropy, an innovative fundraising platform that uses Mementos to create a charitable chain reaction from sharable visuals, and came up with a plan.

Using Pixanthropy to collect and encourage donations, Ejji Ramen will tap their supportive customers to help raise money to support TasteWise Kids’ mission of educating children on the relationship of food, farm, and table through hands-on programming with chefs, farmers, and other food professionals.

On that note, we are excited to announce that starting January 15, 2017, we will launch a month-long fundraiser that will include a kids’ Build Your Own Ramen cooking demonstration and the chance to support TasteWise Kids on Pixanthropy.

Here are some ways you can get on board to support TasteWise:

  1. Go to TasteWise Kids on Pixanthropy and create your own Memento. Upload a photo of your favorite food, dish at Ejji, farm stand, recipe — anything that inspires you — and make a donation as little as $1. 100% of the money raised goes directly to TasteWise Kids!
  2. Post your Memento on your social media pages — show off your creative photo and story
  3. Join the kids’ cooking demo (Check back soon for more details on how to register)
  4. Share the link to TasteWise Kids on Pixanthropy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat so we can make it a big success for TasteWise!
  5. Come to Ejji, make a Memento of your custom ramen

Check back for more details as we launch the campaign on January 15th!