Celebrating our 2nd Ejjiversary

If you didn’t know yet, October is a special month for Ejji. It’s the month when we first opened in Belvedere Square, just in time for the chilly weather. Since October 26, 2014, our wonderful staff has been serving up great food to awesome customers. Now, we are celebrating our 2nd “Ejjiversary,” a tradition that highlights everything about us.

Ejjiversary: Special Menu

For this “Ejjiversary,” Chef Ten Vong has a special menu for our die-hard fans and newcomers who want to see what we’re all about. The special ingredient in this menu? Kobe beef.

Our Kobe beef has a cherry red color, tender texture and great dense meat taste. We get it straight from Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan. Fun fact: Legend claims that the cows receive massages between the months of May – October to accentuate the marbling in the meat!


We dry-age our Kobe for 30 days. Aging allows the enzymes naturally present in the meat to break down the muscle tissue. In addition, the moisture concentrates in the meat. As a result, the meat has improved texture and flavor.

Also, we season our Kobe minimally with salt and fresh black pepper so you can enjoy the flavor of the beef. It is pan-seared and served mid-rare. If you want to experience the melt-in-your-mouth flavor of Kobe beef, choose it as a topping for your ramen bowl! Get it now while supplies last.

Besides the Kobe, we are also offering a FREE topping to our newsletter subscribers: sautéed mushrooms! If you’re interested, click this link to sign up. You can also look forward to a free dessert that day (Chef Ten is still keeping that a secret).

It’s going to be a great time, so make sure you stop by on Wednesday, October 26 to celebrate our 2nd “Ejjiversary” with us!