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Why Your Next Catering Order Should Be Placed With Ejji and Foodify

Who say’s catering has to be boring?  As you know, award-winning ramen shop, Ejji Ramen is anything far from boring. Infusing inspirations from Malaysian and Japanese cuisine, and always using the freshest, highest quality ingredients. At Ejji you’ll find a fun, loud setting located within the Belvedere Square Market. Now you can bring the fun… Read More

Ejji and Pixanthropy Power Up a Photo Fundraiser for TasteWise Kids

If you ask Ejji Ramen co-owners, Oscar Lee or Ten Vong, about giving back to the community, they will tell you that they have been looking for a fun, engaging way to do that since opening their doors two years ago. Then one surprisingly warm November day, they sat down for a brainstorming meeting with the… Read More

Celebrating our 2nd Ejjiversary

If you didn’t know yet, October is a special month for Ejji. It’s the month when we first opened in Belvedere Square, just in time for the chilly weather. Since October 26, 2014, our wonderful staff has been serving up great food to awesome customers. Now, we are celebrating our 2nd “Ejjiversary,” a tradition that… Read More

Have an “Ejji” Back-to-School

Goodbye, August It’s late August, and you know what that means. Summer is almost over! Soon enough, the days will be longer, the weather chillier and the leaves orange and brown. People will be busting out their hoodies and parkas. School will be in session too. College students are returning back to their respective universities,… Read More

Summertime at Ejji

Ah, summer. The sweet season of vacations, late sunsets, lush green trees and heat waves. Eating a bowl of ramen might not be your first option with summer’s high temperatures and humidity. If you want to settle for something cooler and refreshing, fear not. Ejji has several other dishes that you will definitely enjoy this… Read More

Celebrate Earth Day with us!

Celebrate Earth Day! April 22nd will mark our 46th Earth Day, and we want you to celebrate with us. Although we may not be able to plant billions of trees, we can celebrate in our own little way… Join us lunch or dinner and enjoy a bowl of your favorite Ejji ramen jam packed with all the… Read More

Now Hiring Ejji Marketing Intern

Want to work with Ejji? Now’s your chance! We are looking to hire a motivated and creative college student in the Baltimore area to join the Ejji team and be our new Ejji Marketing Intern for the Summer or Fall semester. This Marketing Internship will consist of the following requirements: Responsibilities: – Must commit to… Read More

Make Your New Years Resolution Ejji-er

The month of January has almost come to an end, have you met your new years resolution yet? Ditch the typical resolutions, here’s an idea to make your resolution a bit more “Ejji-er”; If you haven’t thought of one yet. Make your resolution a fun and easy one that you can complete over time, throughout… Read More

January’s Specialty Topping: Duck Trio

If you missed out on our specialty topping last month, then you’re in for a treat this month! Last month we featured Kobe Beef, this month is Duck. And just to spoil our guests, we decided that just one type of duck wasn’t enough. Therefore, we present to you our Duck Trio specialty topping, three delicious… Read More

Ejji on Foursquare

Word on the street is that there are 11 of the best places to eat ramen in Baltimore, according to Foursquare, and Ejji Ramen is #1 on the list! We love this type of accomplishment, because it was given to us by you; our happy customers. Check out some of the amazing Foursquare reviews: “One… Read More