The Wet Bird

5 spiced chicken broth with Hand pulled Beer noodles infused with locally crafted beer from Monument City Brewery (vegan), grilled chicken thigh (antibiotic hormone free), charred tomatoes, bean sprouts, shiitake mushrooms, cilantro, bonito flakes, and Sichuan pepper oil. Our chicken contains traces of shiitake mushrooms

BYO Ramen

Choose your broth, 1 type of noodles, and 2 free toppings

Chicken Shoyu Ramen

Five spiced chicken broth with Shoyu, dashi, grilled chicken thigh (antibiotic and hormone-free), miso egg, bonito flakes, black sesame garlic oil, and nori with Ramen noodles

Made Fresh Daily

EJJI is more than just a typical ramen restaurant—we infuse our Malaysian heritage into our unique menu of home-cooked Asian comfort food.

We serve flavorful, upscale food with a downhome vibe, and all are welcome here. Each ramen bowl begins with a flavorful broth and can be customized with seasonal ingredients and spices to your dietary needs and preferences.