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What the heck is Tamago?

Tamago is something that probably doesn’t sound super familiar to you, unless you’re a foodie. “Non-foodies” might be thinking of Tamagotchi. Remember those handheld digital pet devices that all the kids were obsessed with in the 90’s? Although the name is familiar, we aren’t talking about that. We’re talking about eggs here, and that’s exactly what Tamago is.

Via Flickr/Joyosity

The word “Tamago” actually means “egg” in Japanese, or “Tamagoyaki,” a Japanese omelet dish. It is a basic staple in Japan. In fact, Japanese people eat this dish several ways – in the morning for breakfast or as a complementary ingredient in their bento boxes or sushi. If you go to your local sushi restaurant, you should be able to find Tamago either on or over sushi rice (nigiri).

Tamago Nigiri sushi

Via Flickr/Geoff Peters

This dish can be both similar and different to the traditional American omelet. It is created by beating eggs inside a bowl and pouring the mixture into a nonstick skillet pan, similar to the omelet that you might be familiar with. It can also be seasoned in different ways, also similar to how American omelets can have several ingredients added to it. Some of the popular ingredients to mix with these eggs include dashi (a type of Japanese stock made from dried kelp), bonito flakes, soy sauce, sugar, rice vinegar and even sake.

However, the number of times the Tamago is folded exceeds the typical American omelet. Folding the cooking egg multiple times creates several thin layers, turning the end product into something that looks like little bars of gold. To make this job easier, many people use special pans. These pans are different from the ones you would typically see since they are shaped like a rectangle.

Kotobuki Tamagoyaki Japanese Omelette Pan

Via Amazon

How is Tamago made?

Using a “Kotobuki Tamagoyaki Japanese Pan,” will help you achieve the classic Tamagoyaki shape: a thick rectangular log. The traditional Tamagoyaki pan is made out of copper, and it’s easier to fold the eggs and create layers. Like most good kitchenware, finding a good Tamagoyaki pan can get pricey. Luckily, we have a “Tamagoyaki hack” you can use at home. You can use a round nonstick pan, and trim the edges to form the traditional Tamagoyaki shape!

Tamago at Ejji

Tamago can be found at many local restaurants, in fact, let us tell you how we use Tamago here at Ejji. We offer a special Breakfast Ramen Bowl on Saturday and Sundays for brunch from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. This delicious bowl includes ramen in a bacon-corn broth with Kurobuta pork sausage, applewood bacon, poached egg, fresh corn and… Tamago. The Tamago adds a slightly sweet note and interesting texture to the dish. Make sure you try it next time you come in!

Ejji Ramen - Baltimore, MD, United States. Breakfast ramen.

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Treat Yo Momma to an Ejji Brunch

This Sunday, May 8th is Mother’s Day. Luckily, Ejji serves Brunch on Sunday’s, so you can bring your mom in for a delicious brunch with us (and she’ll love you forever). Here are the Brunch specials, served every Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM-5 PM:

Breakfast Ramen Bowl  – Ramen in a bacon corn broth with kurobuta pork sausage, applewood bacon, tamago, poached egg and fresh corn

Kimchi Pork Belly Ramen  Fried ramen topped with a miso egg and scallions

Seafood Okonomiyaki – Cabbage pancakes with clams, scallops and shrimp topped with Japanese mayo, scallions and bonito flakes

And don’t forget the $3 mimosas!

If mom can’t make it out on Sunday, we also have Wine & Dine Girls Night Monday evenings with $10 bottles of wine!

Treat yo momma!


Mama Lee holds all of the secret Malaysian family recipes. Next time you’re at Ejji, ask for Oscar’s Mom and get her favorite assortment of ramen toppings; basil, lime, sambal, and curry beef. And it you don’t finish your meal, you’ll have to answer to her. Mama Lee don’t mess around!

Celebrate Earth Day with us!

Celebrate Earth Day!

April 22nd will mark our 46th Earth Day, and we want you to celebrate with us. Although we may not be able to plant billions of trees, we can celebrate in our own little way… Join us lunch or dinner and enjoy a bowl of your favorite Ejji ramen jam packed with all the vegetables you desire. You can even go that extra mile and substitute your regular noodle choice with our vegetable noodles, which are made fresh daily from spirals of carrots, zucchini, yellow squash and jicama.


Seriously, check out the back of the house working hard to make those delicate veggie noodles that everyone simply adores. We love our staff!

And here’s a preview of the final result…how do they taste you may ask? Well you’ll have to come in and give them a try. But we’re sure they won’t disappoint!


At Ejji, we are proud to say that we are vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free friendly which is why we offer plenty of options on our menu for everyone to enjoy. Next time you dine with us, be sure to ask your server for more details on how your can customize your meal!

Earth Day Ejjication

In 1970, the movement first began channeling human energy towards environmental issues. This year, their goal is make BIG things happen, by planting 7.8 billion trees for the earth, or making cities 100% renewable. And you can do your part by either joining the movement.

For more information on how to get involved with the Earth Day movement, click here.Earth Emoji

Now Hiring Ejji Marketing Intern


Want to work with Ejji? Now’s your chance! We are looking to hire a motivated and creative college student in the Baltimore area to join the Ejji team and be our new Ejji Marketing Intern for the Summer or Fall semester.

This Marketing Internship will consist of the following requirements:

– Must commit to to a minimum of 10 hrs. per week
– Writing 1 blog post (400 word min.) per week
– Live on-site social media management for 2 platforms (Snapchat, Instagram)
– Coordinating content to be included in our editorial calendar + bi-monthly newsletter
– Sitting in on a weekly conference call
– Coordinate between marketing staff and restaurant staff

– Must be a college student, pursuing a degree in Business, PR, Marketing or Graphic Design
– Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Word, experience with Photoshop is a plus, excellent writing, organizational and conversation skills
– Ability to work independently

– 2 free bowls of ramen per week (must be redeemed after shift)
– Ejji employee shirt to wear while working in shop
– Ejji is willing to work with school to complete paperwork for college credit

Click here to apply!

Applying for a student internship can be one the most memorable and awarding experiences of your college career. Some of the pros of working an internship are networking, gaining references and experience. And if you’re stuck in town for the summer, you might as well gain something from it!

Wine & Dine Girls Night at Ejji


Time to treat yourselves at Ejji
Ladies, we know you work hard, which is why we thought you deserved a whole night to yourselves to relax and unwind. Introducing our new Wine & Dine Girls Night at Ejji, every Monday! A special evening dedicated to you special ladies, call all your girlfriends and celebrate at Ejji.

Enjoy select bottles of wine for only $10! That’s right, the entire bottle is only $10. Look at it this way, If you brought three friends and all 4 of you split the bottle, that’s only $2.50 a glass! You cannot beat this deal!

Enjoy some of our delicious Izakaya’s, (or appetizers) for a small bite to go with your bottle of wine. Or, why not “Be Bold” and go for a whole meal? Choose from either one of our pre-made bowls; Tonkatsu Ramen, Miso Ramen, or Laksa Ramen, or “Be Ejji” and create your own bowl! Whichever route you decide you take, it’ll probably be a good choice. There’s no wrong way when you’re at Ejji. Click here to view our full menu.

With Mother’s Day coming up, this could be a great mom date for you, and because Monday’s hours of operation are from 11 AM-8 PM, you’ll still have time to get your beautiful mother home at a decent time, to catch up on her beauty sleep!

We know, we probably deserve a medal for coming up with this idea, (but we won’t pat ourselves on our back)…Ramen and wine all at affordable prices, it’s simply a match made in heaven! Ejji Ramen heaven! You definitely do not want to miss out on this special event. Stop by Ejji Ramen Monday evenings, we are located in the Belvedere Square Market. And don’t forget to ask your server about Wine & Dine Girls Night!

Miso, what is it and how does Ejji use it?

Miso is used in many Japanese or Chinese style meals, the most common one you see in a restaurant is “Miso Soup”. Many people don’t even know what miso is and just order it because it tastes good. But, don’t you want to know what you’re actually eating?

What is miso?

Miso is a paste which is made from a mixture of soybeans, sea salt and koji (a culture called aspergillus oryzae, made by growing fungi on cooked grains). The mixture is then fermented for up to 3 years! Although miso is high in sodium, it is also rich in ezymes and has many beneficiaries including vitamin-B, and probiotics for your intestines.

Miso at Ejji

At Ejji, miso is one of the main ingredients used for our miso corn broth. The cobs of corn are simmered or boiled for hours, which helps break down the cob and extract all the flavor. The miso is then added and creates the creamy broth.

Chef Ten making Miso broth at Ejji

Photo: Chef Ten removing corn cobs from broth

The broth is used for one of our most popular dishes on our menu, Miso Ramen. The dish includes our homemade miso corn broth, thin ramen noodles, topped with shallots, corn, bamboo shoots, enoki mushrooms, green scallions, and a poached egg.

Miso Ramen

Miso Ramen

Photo courtesy of Beth Morgan, our recent Instagram Contest Winner


See what else is on our menu here!

Make Your New Years Resolution Ejji-er

The month of January has almost come to an end, have you met your new years resolution yet? Ditch the typical resolutions, here’s an idea to make your resolution a bit more “Ejji-er”; If you haven’t thought of one yet.

Try New Things try new things note pinned on the bulletin board

Make your resolution a fun and easy one that you can complete over time, throughout the entire year. Try new things. This can be in any aspect of your life, whether it’s taking a new route to work and taking in a different scenery, trying a new look such as a hair do or outfit, trying a new workout, or trying something new at a restaurant.

Next time you come into Ejji Ramen, instead of ordering your usual bowl, switch it up. Try adding a new sauce or dressing to your bowl, or adding different toppings. Throughout the year Ejji will be offering specialty toppings (available while supplies lasts). We currently have a Duck Trio specialty topping available for only $5 featuring Duck Confit, Duck Breast and Duck Crackling.

More At Ejji

Try creating your own bowl: You choose the broth, noodles, toppings and sauce to finish it off. A lot of people don’t realize that we offer more than just ramen, on your next visit why not order one of our delicious Coconut Rice Bowls or Mac & Cheese Ramen Dogs.

Ejji also offers Brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 10am- 5pm. The brunch menu is filled with new dishes that you can certainly use to check off your new years resolution as trying something new!




January’s Specialty Topping: Duck Trio

If you missed out on our specialty topping last month, then you’re in for a treat this month! Last month we featured Kobe Beef, this month is Duck. And just to spoil our guests, we decided that just one type of duck wasn’t enough. Therefore, we present to you our Duck Trio specialty topping, three delicious ways to serve duck: Smoked Duck Breast, Duck Confit and Duck Cracklings.

  1. Smoked Duck Breast marinated with dried lemongrass adding a delicious citrus flavor.
  2. Duck Confit, duck legs slow cooked in the ducks own fat, making it the most juiciest thing you can possible consume, shredded and seasoned with ginger and five-spice.
  3. Duck Cracklings, duck skin carefully removed and crisped up until perfection. Almost like a chip, a very delicious chip…

Photo Jan 27, 2 12 16 PM

So much duck, we will have you saying “What the duck?”

Top your next ramen bowl with our Duck Trio for only $5! You won’t be able to find that good of a deal anywhere else in town! Don’t miss your chance to taste duck like you’ve never had it before!

*While supplies lasts

Ejji on Foursquare


Word on the street is that there are 11 of the best places to eat ramen in Baltimore, according to Foursquare, and Ejji Ramen is #1 on the list! We love this type of accomplishment, because it was given to us by you; our happy customers. Check out some of the amazing Foursquare reviews:

“One of the best porkbelly in the city”

– Jessica L.

“Had to take an Uber to get there. It is worth the travel.”

– Vannie G.

“Vegan options available. A fun place to eat!”

– Jason D.

We can’t make this stuff up, and we are ever so grateful. When we first had the idea to open Ejji, we wanted it to be a fun place for the entire family to enjoy. We are proud to serve vegetarian & vegan options, plus a kids and brunch menu (which is served on weekends.) We have a galore of toppings, so you can customize your bowl to your liking. There is a little something for everyone!

Another fun fact…#3 on The Foursquare list is Chocolatea Café, which is also one of the successful restaurants owned by the Vong-Lee Family. Although Chocolatea isn’t a ramen restaurant (they only have 1 ramen bowl on the menu), it still made it on the list. Pretty Cool!

Click here to see the entire list.


NEW Brunch Hours!

Love brunch? So do we! Stop in for our NEW brunch hours every weekend from 10am-5pm on Saturday & Sunday featuring the following menu items only available during brunch:


Ramen Breakfast Bowl – Ramen in a miso corn broth topped with kurobuta pork sausage, applewood bacon, tamago, a poached egg and fresh corn.


Seafood Okonomiyaki – Cabbage pancake with clams, scallops, and shrimp topped with Japanese mayo, scallions and bonito flakes.


Kimchi Porkbelly Ramen –  Fried ramen (yup, you read right) topped with kimchi pork belly, a creamy miso egg and crunchy scallions.

Now add a mimosa, or two, or three… (hey, Ejji is a “judge-free” zone) and you have yourself a successful brunch!