New Playing Cards!

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We are super excited to present our new playing cards. We have created a fun new way to interact with friends and your fellow Ejji ramen lovers. There are a total of 6 unique cards, each with a fun filled fact about Ejji in which you can collect. Each is wrapped in it’s own silver packaging, so you never know what you’re going to get!

How it works:

  • Collect all 6 unique cards and receive 1 FREE bowl of ramen + 3 toppings
  • Collect any 10 cards and receive 1 FREE appetizer
  • Collect any 15 cards and receive 1 FREE bowl of ramen + 2 toppings


  1. One card given per bowl of ramen purchased
  2. Must have physical cards in order for redemption
  3. Absolutely NO photocopies allowed

Have fun trading with friends and family to complete your collection, will you collect 10 or go for the 15? Have fun reading each of the fun facts and enjoying the colorful artwork on each card.

We are going to be expecting some special collector cards which will be very exclusive, and are only to occur on certain occasions. More information soon.

Get to collecting and trading!