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What’s the deal with Kobe Beef?

What is Kobe Beef? Kobe beef, pronounced “ko-bay” is beef that comes from a grass fed breed of Japanese cattle called “Tajima-gyu”, also known to be called “Wagyu”. There are many qualifications that must be met in order for kobe beef to be classified as 100% true kobe beef. Some of these include the cattle… Read More

What is Kurobuta Sausage?

We’re glad you asked! In kitchens at the best restaurants from NY to CA, chefs are going crazy for kurobuta. A favorite in Japan, kurobuta or “black hog” pork comes from the Berkshire pig. On par in terms of quality with Kobe beef, kurobuta pork, and ultimately the sausage that we make from it is juicy and… Read More

Get Your Ejjication

Summer may be wrapping up but a new ejjication starts this fall at Ejji Ramen. Kick off the new school year with a free edamame or shumai appetizer. Just show your college ID from now until 9/30/15. All college students welcome, including Towson University, Goucher College, Notre Dame and Loyola.